Welcome to the Beechwood Allotments, Middlesbrough.

The Beechwood Allotments are situated on Gleneagles Road in the Beechwood area of Middlesbrough and are now run by the Beechwood Allotment Association Committee. If you wish to be added to the waiting list you can drop us a line on the 'Contact us' page or apply via the Middlesbrough Council allotment site.

The allotment
  • Gardens

    Research suggests that allotments can improve people’s quality of life, increase physical exercise - exercising in green spaces achieves greater benefit than exercising in the gym, encourages a better diet,supports mental health, helps people relax, gives individuals self‐esteem, reconnect people with the food they eat, conserve biodiversity, facilitate social interaction, support local communities, strengthen social ties, secure a healthy food supply Spending half an hour in an allotment leads to twice the drop in the stress hormones as does reading a book. 

  • Chickens

    As people are becoming more and more interested in knowing where their food comes from, chicken keeping is increasing in popularity, however with back gardens seemingly becoming smaller, keeping a few chickens can, for some, will only remain a dream. Getting an allotment, could be a solution to this problem. Raising what the Americans call backyard chickens can be a rewarding experience and a great way to teach your kids about nature, agriculture, and responsibility of caring for animals. Most backyard chickens are raised for laying eggs and not for meat, and ask anyone who already keeps chickens how good their eggs taste. As with all allotment produce, you cannot sell your eggs for profit;they must be solely for your own consumption and you would not be allowed to keep cockerels on the allotment, only hens.

  • Pigeons

    There are around 40,000 pigeon fanciers in the UK, many of whom have been involved in the sport since childhood. Pigeon racing continues to be a popular pastime around the country with pigeon races being held between April and September, using the winter months for breeding and husbandry. Racing pigeons form close bonds with their owners and the birds offer company, affection, comfort and fun.
    Not all pigeon fanciers race pigeons, some are involved in the breeding and cultivation of high quality performing roller pigeons whether for competition or pleasure.

  • Bees

    Middlesbrough Allotments were first created in their current form to provide cultivation space for householders and tenants who had no land with the higher density housing. Honey bees are one of the most effective flower and fruit pollinators in nature, they help with allotment productivity and quality of produce, produce honey and create interest by promoting biodiversity in the environment. Bee-keeping on an allotment must carried out by someone with experience andknowledge and all allotment bee-keepers will have received training by the local branch of the the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA) www.bbka.org.uk

Beechwood Allotments
The allotments on Gleneagles Road, Middlesbrough - Click on the photograph above to be redirected to Middlesbrough Council allotment site.